Hybrid electronics nonet, Lavoura starts collabs with others musicians, producers and visual artists

Now a nine members group, Lavoura links groove and avant-garde jazz oriented, while visually relies on space imaginary and geometrical figures, the handmade and the clash between art & craft and the digital culture.

This set of elements of sounds and images with mapped and scenario projections, provides an immersive environment to the public. Since 2003, when it appeared as a duo, the group has been ground for trials involving an electronic art with Brazilian and Latin characteristics.

Released independently in 2014, Photosynthesis, fourth album, gained prominence in radio and sites in the alternative media from 11 countries: England, France, Spain, Russia, Canada, Greece, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, Czech Republic and Netherlands.

The new working group will partner with other musicians, producers and visual artists. 

Lavoura is formed by Paulo Pires (drums, programming), Caleb Mascarenhas (synths, programming), Fernando TRZ (synths, electric piano, programming), Fabiano Alcantara (bass), Junião (percussion), Marcelo Monteiro (sax, flute), Thiago Duar (guitar, producer), Daniel Todeschi (VJ) and Carlos Pedreañez (VJ).

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